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Chris Cox Horsemanship

Trailer Loading

Trailer Loading

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Learn how to load your horse willingly and in a stress-free manner. Chris Cox will take a young horse and teach it how to load in and out of a trailer safely and comfortably. You'll learn how to head off bad habits before they start with proper preparation and training. With his "direct and direct" method he will assist you in teaching your horse that the trailer is a safe place that he/she wants to be. Chris will also show you techniques for problem horses, including those with pull-back issues when tied to the trailer. Whether you have a horse with a trailering problem or you just want to avoid trailer problems by teaching your horse not to fear the trailer, you will find this DVD series invaluable.

Runtime 1 Hour 56 minutes 2 Disc Set:

Disc One:

Teaching Young Horse to Load

-Haltering & Leading

-Direct & Drive

-Stepping Over Obstacles

-Driving Backwards

-Introducing the Trailer

-Backing Out 

Disc Two:

-Groundwork Excercises

-Direct & Drive

-Relief at The Trailer

-One Foot in The Door

-Backing Out

BONUS: Problem Horse Pulling Back


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