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Chris Cox

Putting a Handle on a Young Horse

Putting a Handle on a Young Horse

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In this 2 part DVD, follow Chris and Peanut as they refine and advance the skills and techniques that were begun in the Colt Starting Series.

Putting a Handle on a Young Horse

You’ll learn how to develop control on your young horses in this two-disc sequel to Chris’ Colt Starting Series.From introducing the bit for the first time, encouraging a natural headset and freeing up the young horse’s feet in the arena, you’ll learn how to progress to riding outside, introducing the young horse to cattle and teaching the stop. Colt starting is just the beginning. Putting a Handle on a Young Horse is a must-have lesson plan for anyone serious about developing a soft and confident partnership with their young horse. Runtime: 1 hr. 10 min.

Disc One

  • Wolf Teeth
  • Choosing the Right Bit
  • Bridling / Introducing the Bit
  • Developing Control
  • Starting a Natural Headset
  • Freeing Up Your Horse’s Feet
  • Riding Outside

Disc Two

  • Giving Your Horse a Job - Opening Gates - Working Cattle
  • Backing
  • Stopping
  • Introduction to Neck Reining
  • Rollbacks

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