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Chris Cox

Purple Navajo Halter & Lead

Purple Navajo Halter & Lead

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Our halters feature a new stiffer halter cord for improved response! The foundation of Chris' program is this specially designed halter with lead rope. This halter was created by Chris out of rope that is stiff enough to hold its shape and is unmatched in durability. The 13 foot lead rope is designed especially for Chris and was created for its specific weight and feel. This halter and lead rope are unique in not only these qualities but also in the attention to detail that comes with handmade quality products. You will notice that this set does not have any snaps or hardware to seize up or get in the way of your effective communication with your horse. Halters come in Weanling, Small, Medium and Large. Small will fit a pony, Arab, and refined breeds, medium halters fit most horses, this is the most common size for a 14h-15h horse. A large will fit a heavy horse such as a Warmblood, Draft and Friesians. 

Recent Modifications: The noseband is sewn to prevent separation as well as the tip of the halter making it easier to halter the horse. 

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