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Chris Cox

Leg Yielding

Leg Yielding

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This three-disc DVD series will show you how to use your legs to move all three sections of your horse: front, middle, and hindquarters.

By learning to control your horse’s body with Chris three leg positions, you will lay the foundation for graceful maneuvers such as two-tracking, counter bending, side passing and more.

Runtime: 2 hours 8 minutes.

Disc One

  • Correct Use of Legs
  • Two-Tracking
  • Applying Leg Pressure
  • Counter Bending
  • Counter Bend at a Trot
Disc Two
  • Position 2 in Motion
  • Fence Exercises
  • Position 2 from a Standstill
  • Negotiating Obstacles
  • Side Passing
Disc Three
  • Position of the Leg
  • Spurs or No Spurs?
  • Leg Pressure: Hind Quarters
  • Disengaging With Your Legs
  • Leg Yielding the Young Horse
  • Counter Bending
  • Open and Close the Gate
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