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Chris Cox

Get Down Rope

Get Down Rope

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Leather Hanger- Brown/Navajo Noseband "Get Down Rope"

The Get Down Rope is an outstanding piece of tack that is extremely useful for riders of all disciplines. When you dismount your horse, The Get Down Rope will give you the flexibility of leading or tying your horse without using the reins. The Tie Down Rope will prevent your horse from putting pressure on its mouth, which can cause potential injury if your horse makes a reactive movement. The Tie Down Rope also prevents your reins from being damaged. Your bridle will easily fit over the platted bloodknot leather latigo. The black Navajo style noseband is manufactured especially for Chris and was created for its specific weight and feel. The noseband is unique in not only these qualities but also in the attention to detail that comes with handmade quality products. The lead is 17 feet long and is manufactured with the same attention to quality and detail, and does not have any snaps or hardware to seize up or get in the way of your effective communication with your horse.

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