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Chris Cox

Creating the Natural Headset

Creating the Natural Headset

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Establishing a natural headset is a key element to becoming a better horseman. Plus, riding a horse with softness, collection and a natural headset is sure to accelerate your enjoyment of your time in the saddle! Stop fighting with your horse and learn how to create a natural headset with proper feel and timing. In this two disc set, renowned clinician Chris Cox starts by showing you the results of training for a natural headset on a finished horse. Watch as a student and untrained horse work on vertical flexion under Chris' expert tutelage and then as Chris works to transform a problem horse with a bad headset who has never been ridden without a tie down. This series is packed with practical application tips that allow you to develop a deep and authentic understanding of a horse's headset and gives you the knowledge to correct problems such as head tossing and pulling on the bit.

Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes

Disc 1

  • Introduction
  • Rein Management
  • Vertical Flexion
  • Backing Up with Vertical Flexion

Disc 2

  • Problem Horse Demonstration
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