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Chris Cox

Chris Cox Signature Cinch

Chris Cox Signature Cinch

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The all new Chris Cox Signature Cinch is made of High Quality Leather offering long lasting durability and stretch allowing the horse to expand the ribcage and provides your horse with the comfort they need to perform. The non-slip, neoprene liner conforms to your horse, allowing heat and moisture to escape, keeping your horse cool and dry. The Wool liner is soft yet durable easy to clean and offers the horse comfort without any rubbing or irritation. The detachable neoprene liner and wool liner peels away from the leather with velcro for easy hand washing. Stainless steel small square roller buckles allow for easy adjustability and helps to keep the cinch, latigo and saddle from slipping or twisting.
Heavy-duty, reinforced stainless steel roller buckle & center D-rings are secure, long lasting & wont rust  

Ventilated waffle-patterned, non-slip neoprene holds saddles in place without over-tightening

Quality neoprene wont harbor bacteria and peels away for easy cleaning

Every Cinch comes with One Neoprene Liner and One Wool liner. 

The only cinch on the market that comes with neoprene and a wool liner! Offering versatility and longevity to fit the needs of many different horses. 

Available in Black or Chocolate.

Sizes are in two-inch increments from 28" to 36"
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